Horace Batten black boots with trees 5.5 - 6

Horace Batten black boots with trees 5.5 - 6


Horace Batten Black Box Calf Boots with original trees 5.5 - 6


Made by Horace Batten in 1995 and very little worn.


The previous owner gave up riding 10 years ago or more and they haven't been worn since.


In beautiful condition and fully ready to go.


All measurements taken on the outside of the boots so please allow for the thickness of the leather and always measure your legs wearing breeches etc


Top opening  15.75"   40cm

Calf at widest part 15.25"   39cm

Height at the back above the heel  17"  42cm

Sole length 10.75"   27cm 

Sole width 4"  10cm


If you are interested in these boots we would strongly recommend that you come and try them on if you can although we will post them but they are heavy.  We have found that even boots which appear to be a perfect fit on paper can be impossible to get on (usually because the foot won't go 'around the bend" ).  You're very welcome to call for more information - 07799262456