Hunting by Ear record and book

Hunting by Ear record and book



The Sound-book of Fox-hunting


First published in this format with one 7 inch 45 rpm Parlaphone record - 1960

This edition reprinted n 1968


Published by H F & G Witherby Ltd, London


By Michael F Berry and D W E Brock 

with recordings by

D W E Brock and Ludwig Koch

and text illustrations by T Ivester Lloyd

Book and 7" 45 rpm record


Recording of the voice and horn of Stanley Barker, professional huntsman of The Pytchley Hunt.


"The grass grounds of Northamptonshire were never crossed by a more charming, courteous, or efficient huntsman.  His voice and horn are now, as they were, so musical, so clear, and so readily understood as to be a pattern for such a work as this."