Huntley & Sons, brown field boots 8 - 8.5

Huntley & Sons, brown field boots 8 - 8.5

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Huntley & Sons, Military Bootmaker, vintage brown field boots 8 - 8.5

circa 1930 with garter straps and original trees



In stunning condition and with original trees, completely ready to go


Size is reportedly about a size 8 and these do measure somewhere between an 8 and 8.5


Tree measurements (give a better idea of the size of leg that they will fit):


Sole length 11.5"

Sole width 3.5"

Around calf at widest point 13.75"


Boot measurements (taken on the outside of the boot)


Height (not inc heel) 18"

Around top 14.25"

Around calf at the widest point 14.25"







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