Size 11-12 (approx) Black Boots with trees

Size 11-12 (approx) Black Boots with trees

SKU: BLB21-5

Kendall Milne & Co Black Box Calf Boots with trees

Approximately size 11 - 12  (see measurements)


The trees are not the original ones but fit well and do the job


Superb quality, in great condition and fully ready to go


Boot calf (measured on the outside of the boot)  15.5"

Tree calf 14.5"

Height 18" not including the heel

Sole length 11.75

Sole width 4"




We don't sell boots from the website but do post.  You are welcome to come to our premises to view, try on and possibly buy.  If you’d like shipping details or would like to ask any questions or arrange a visit call 07799262456.