Size 8.5, Horace Batten Black Top Boots

Size 8.5, Horace Batten Black Top Boots


Horace Batten (Bootmaker) Ltd Black Top Boots size 8.5


Made for a gentleman in 1987 here in Northamptonshire by world renowned Horace Batten (Bootmaker) Ltd.  The trees are not original to these boots.


All measurements taken on the outside unless specified otherwise:


Approx size 8.5

Sole length: 11.5"

Sole width:  4"

Calf below black tops: 16" (to fit up to approx 15" - 15.5" calf)

Height at back not including heel: 17"

Height at outer side not including heel: 17.5"




We don’t sell boots online but we love having you come to our premises to view, try on and possibly buy.  If you’d like to ask any questions or arrange a visit call 07799262456.