Size 8.5, Horace Batten Mahogany Top Boots

Size 8.5, Horace Batten Mahogany Top Boots


Horace Batten (Bootmaker) Ltd Mahogany Top Boots size 8.5


Hard to find with a wider calf these boots were made for a gentleman in 1989 but have been kept beautifully.  They have previously been let out slightly and had two small patches to the inside lower leg just above the foot (see pics), in both cases this work has been carried out professionally by Mr Batten.


  The trees are not original to these boots.


All measurements taken on the outside unless specified otherwise:


Approx size 8.5

Sole length: 11.5"

Sole width:  4.5"

Calf circumference of the boot just below the mahogany tops: 17" (to fit up to approx 16" - 16.5" calf)

Height at back not including heel: 17"

Height at outer side not including heel: 17.5"




We don’t sell boots online but we love having you come to our premises to view, try on and possibly buy. 


If you’d like to ask any questions or arrange a visit call 07799262456.